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Geneanet: List of Possible Duplicates

Posted by Jean-Yves on Mar 6, 2023

On Geneanet, you can view the list of possible duplicates in your family tree and easily merge them if needed.

Go to your tree, then hover your mouse over the search field at the top right of the screen. Click “Advanced Search” on the contextual menu, then click the tab “LIST” and finally select “List of possible duplicates”.

You can easily select some persons and merge them if needed.

– This is a list of possible duplicates and you must verify that it’s not different persons with the same name.
– The merge cannot be undone so be sure that it’s duplicate persons before doing it.
– Listed are the persons with same last name and same first names in the same order so you may have some other duplicate persons in your family tree.


Thanks for the reply, however, I know how and where to find the duplicates, I was informing you that on my last ged upload, there were many births and death dates duplicated. As, I said I have corrected at least 100 so far and this was the message, there is an after death event and what that event was a duplicate of their death as well as each person had a duplicate birth event. Some had triplicate, maybe 10 or so. I just thought you should be aware of it. Thanks

Answer from Geneanet: We appreciate your feedback and will look into this issue.

In the 19th century, the Maire of Boulogne wrote to the British Consul before closing the cemetery and it being put to different uses, a list of all the British buried therein. The lists (2), were published in the ‘British Archivist’. As these publications were being destroyed it seemed a good idea to make copies of his letters sent to the magazine. Shall I publish the letters here? The original are dated early in the 19th century.

Answer from Geneanet: We are always interested in such documents! Please send a mail to archivalrecords [at] geneanet [dot] org

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