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Geneastar: discover more than 17,000 family trees of celebrities!

Posted by Aliénor on Jan 24, 2023

With Geneastar, the site of celebrity genealogies by Geneanet, you can discover in a few clicks if you are related to someone famous. The site has just reached 17,000 trees online!

Geneastar gathers the genealogies of celebrities of yesterday and today: personalities from the worlds of art, sports, science, politics, religion, judiciary, military… the choice is vast! From Vincent van Gogh to Rosa Parks, with Federico García Lorca, Frida Kahlo or Ingmar Bergman, discover more than 17,000 genealogies and find out if you have famous cousins!

Explore genealogies on Geneastar

To look at a star’s tree on Geneastar, type a person’s name or pseudonym in the search engine located at the top of the page. On each celebrity’s record, you will find biographical information, a family tree showing his or her immediate ancestors (which you can click on to display the complete family tree), and a map showing the geographical origin of his or her ancestors.

From the Geneastar home page, you can also search for celebrities by category, and then narrow down the results using filters by time period and nationality. You can even see who shares the same birthday as you!

Discover your famous cousins

If you have a family tree on Geneanet, discover your famous cousins in a few clicks! To do so, all you have to do is launch an automatic comparison of your tree from Geneanet via the “Match your family tree” menu under Search, then clicking on by clicking on “New search” in the “Famous people” section.

When a cousin is found, you will be told at which level the relationship is located. All you have to do then is verify the genealogy, add it to your tree, and mention your cousin, if you wish, so that it appears on your Geneanet profile.

Suggest genealogies of the stars

True to Geneanet’s values of sharing, Geneastar is a contributory site where everyone can participate. If you have already researched the genealogy of a celebrity, don’t hesitate to suggest it to us for inclusion on the site. To do so, the personality must have a Wikipedia page, a portrait (photo, painting or engraving), and his or her family tree must extend over at least five generations of ancestors for at least one branch.

Geneastar has just passed the milestone of 17,000 celebrity genealogies, and with your participation, we can go even further!

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