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921 million individuals added to Geneanet in 2022!

Posted by Jean-Yves on Oct 10, 2022

We are proud to announce that we have added 9 new collections to Geneanet, and we take this opportunity to make a quick overview of all the collections added to the site since the beginning of this year, including the collections provided by Ancestry which, as you know, has become Geneanet’s main partner!

The 9 new collections are the civil records from the Haute-Saône department (three collections), and the “Fonds Coutot” (six collections) for Paris and the former Seine department which were compiled by the Coutot genealogy company at the end of the 19th century to replace the archives burned during the Paris Commune in 1871.

Be sure to follow our updates since we regularly post information about new collections added to Geneanet.

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CountryRegionTypeFromToNumber of individuals
AustriaCivil Registration16511940916,834
BelgiumCivil Registration6,629,466
BelgiumAntwerpCivil Registration179619062,473,485
BelgiumBrabantCivil Registration15821914137,343
BelgiumHainautCivil Registration160019131,258,964
BelgiumLiègeCivil Registration167619011,521,156
BelgiumLimbourgCivil Registration296,817
BelgiumNamurCivil Registration180019121,370,835
BelgiumEast FlandersCivil Registration154119141,692,490
BelgiumWest FlandersCivil Registration17971900899,319
Czech RepublicCivil Registration15521948721,659
GermanyCivil Registration15581898153,977,672
DenmarkCivil Registration163119004,156,089
SpainCivil Registration1565195010,716,203
SpainAndorraCivil Registration1866189183,804
United KingdomEnglandCivil Registration1538197365,415,994
United KingdomScotlandCivil Registration1564195027,318,881
United KingdomGibraltarCivil Registration17041876104,926
HungaryCivil Registration1636189577,343,895
IcelandCivil Registration17301905686,661
LiechtensteinCivil Registration16501875102,773
NetherlandsCivil Registration17951970145,621,559
PortugalCivil Registration16701910278,941
RussiaCivil Registration175018911,578,776
SlovakiaCivil Registration1592191041,013,263
SwedenCivil Registration161318601,510,020
SwedenÄlvsborg Civil Registration1681186089,801
SwedenKopparberg Civil Registration16281860124,440
SwedenHalland Civil Registration161518601,721,570
SwedenKronoberg Civil Registration16121860156,752
SwedenNorrbotten Civil Registration1658186017,077
SwedenVästerbotten Civil Registration16881860533,355
UkraineCivil Registration1784187942,146


DepartmentTypeFromToNumber of individuals
AinCivil Registration8,043,474
AisneCivil Registration1792190526,713,739
Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Civil Registration1532191510,260,135
Bouches-du-Rhône Civil Registration8,772 904
CalvadosCivil Registration18,544,665
Charente-Maritime Civil Registration4,397,903
CherCivil Registration10,129,987
CorseCivil Registration17,053
Côte d’OrOther504,962
Côte d’Or Civil Registration4,895,129
DoubsCivil Registration170019122,844,057
Eure-et-LoirCivil Registration4,153,868
IndreCivil Registration6,575,963
Loir-et-CherCivil Registration12,464,148
Loire-AtlantiqueCivil Registration2,021,250
MarneCivil Registration2,876,762
Haut-RhinCivil Registration1793189215,233,993
Rhône Civil Registration1793190713,856,084
Haute-SaôneCivil Registration1792191214,932,472
Paris – Fonds CoutotListes électorales18911891643,778
Paris – Fonds CoutotCivil Registration1860190215,667,109
Seine-et-MarneCivil Registration1,383,380
YvelinesCivil Registration179219166,472,599
SommeCivil Registration1532190526,542,500
Tarn-et-GaronneCivil Registration1560193315,543,330
VaucluseCivil Registration20,077
Territoire de BelfortCensus183619111,030,773
Territoire de Belfort Civil Registration179219172,276,590
France (INSEE)Civil Registration1546202277,007,135

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Is data included for this region ‘ Hauts-de-France’ or will it be added?

Answer from Geneanet: In France, it’s best to identify the département or county; regions are a recent administrative grouping (the “Hauts-de-France” region dates from only 2016). Try to identify your ancestor’s département from this region: Aisne (02), Nord (59), Oise (60), Pas-de-Calais (62), Somme (80). Geneanet has data for all of these départements.

i HAVE BEEN TRYING TO identify and locate the birthplace(s) of MY LAMORELLE ANCESTOR(s) FROM FRANCE (Joseph born about 1760 and from “POITOU” on his US 1804 citizenship document migrated to USA ( maybe via West Indies ??) in late 1700’s???
I have done my DNA with Ancestry. I need professional guidance. I know about his life and heirs in the USA but know nothig about his roots in France. Can you help me?..
Sarah Jordan

Answer from Geneanet: Although we can’t assist with research, we can offer advice: upload your DNA to Geneanet (see this page) and try the hypothesis that your ancestor may have arrived via New Orleans. Don’t hesitate to ask for help in our forums!

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