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Some new more effective menus for your searches on Geneanet

Posted by Jean-Yves on Aug 2, 2022

Genealogy library, genealogical society indexes, family pictures, cemeteries, archival registers… It may be difficult to find your way through the large number of data provided by Geneanet. We have launched new more effective menus which should help you find more quickly what you are searching for.

What has changed?

  • Red arrows: The names of the menu items have changed
  • Green arrows: The entire section has been included into a new menu item
  • Blue arrows: The search engine has been included into a new menu item (the sections containing the collaborative projects still have their own menu items)

Some renamed menu items

Some menu items have been renamed to clarify some doubts. The item “Search the Database” is now “All Records” since it allows you to search in all the Geneanet collections, including archival documents, cemeteries and memorials, etc.

Some splitted and reorganized menu items

Collaborative indexes, genealogical society indexes and indexed registers have all been merged into the “Archives and Documents” menu item. Now, you will just enter a name and you will get a result, with or without an image, free or paid access (this being clearly specified).

The search form has also been changed: the selection of a Geneanet partner has been moved to the bottom of the form, as well as an option to quickly choose between free and Premium data.

The most important change is the splitting of the “Projects” menu items. Until now, a search engine and a description of the collaborative project were both available under one menu item. These two parts have been splitted: the search engine is now available in the “Search” menu (“Archives and Documents” and “Cemeteries and Memorials”), and the description of the collaborative project remains in the “Projects” menu. These are the blue arrows on the above screenshot.

In the menu “Projects”, the item “Indexes” has been removed because it’s already available in the item “All Projects”.

The item “Heraldry” has been moved into the menu “Resources”.

The features themselves have not been changed. Your family trees, archival records, family pictures, etc., have not been impacted by these changes.

We hope that these changes will help you find more easily the genealogical information you are looking for.

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Why can’t I have some functionalities in as I am paying a subscription on Geneanet (Same company)?

Answer from Geneanet: In fact, Geneanet members already benefit from Ancestry’s acquisition: Ancestry has been providing Geneanet with French and European data collections as well as indexes. And Geneanet trees have started to be indexed at Ancestry. This is an ongoing process, as our data structures are not the same and we continue to improve Geneanet at the same time. That said, there is an economic reality: Geneanet Premium is 4 to 6 times cheaper than Ancestry, and we could not open access to all of Ancestry’s collections and features at the Geneanet Premium price point. We don’t want to increase the price of Geneanet Premium membership, so we are working on solutions that will preserve Geneanet’s low price while still adding pluses from Ancestry. New offers are coming, stay tuned!

avant, tout votre site était en français; maintenant je tombe sur des mots anglais ou des traductions pas claires de mots anglais.
peut-on remettre tout en français ?

Réponse de Geneanet : Geneanet n’a pas changé. Voyez cette page pour votre souci :

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