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Do you know how to view the frequency of last names on Geneanet?

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jul 11, 2022

On Geneanet, it’s possible to view the frequency and the geographic distribution of last names, and to easily search these names in the database. Here’s how to.

Click “Resources > Origin of Last Names” in the main menu bar.

Geneanet is the largest database with more than 150,000 indexed last names! All the results come from Geneanet and we can truly say that they are accurate at a 95% confidence level, with some exceptions for rare last names. Geneanet is the only website that can provide an accurate origin of a last name until the early 16th century.

The page contains:

  • The meaning of the last name.
  • A timeline cursor to see the evolution of the last name distribution over time.
  • A map showing the geographic distribution of the last name. You can also zoom in and out.
  • The list of places where the last name is most popular, based on the Geneanet family tree database.
  • The list of Geneanet members’ family trees which contain the last name.

Click “All family trees” at the bottom of the page to view the full list of family trees which contain the last name, and to view the detailed list of individuals.

You can edit the search to add criteria such as a place name, a type of event or a date.

This feature is free for all Geneanet members.

Enjoy your genealogy research on Geneanet!

Frequency of last names

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You mentioned that you thought this service was 95% accurate “with some exceptions for rare names”. Searching my surname, the result stated there were no records with that name. A rare name indeed! Not too surprising: there are only around 500 Consterdines in the UK, and fewer in the rest of the world.

Ive used this before with my Cathro Surname

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