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Geneanet trees indexed in the Ancestry search engine

Posted by Geneanet on Jun 20, 2022

Geneanet family trees are going to be indexed on the site in July. Maybe you will be in touch with American cousins!

As we announced in September 2021, Geneanet family trees will shortly be indexed in the Ancestry search engine. This is already the case with search engines like Google or Bing.

When a search is performed on Ancestry with for example a first and last name, an Ancestry user will see a list of trees hosted by Geneanet. The user will have to visit Geneanet to see full trees.

This is precisely the same process as when you perform a search in the global search engine at Geneanet.

However, on Ancestry, search results will be shown slightly differently. Geneanet indexes all persons publicly visible in trees; on Ancestry, certain results will be excluded:

  • all semi-public or private persons (by default, persons born in the past 100 years);
  • all public persons born in the past 100 years without a date of death.

This indexing will allow cousins at Ancestry to find your family tree. A great opportunity to contact previously unknown cousins around the world and to discover new branches for your tree.

Note: if for any reason you do not wish to benefit from this indexing, it’s possible to opt out. All you have to do is visit the “Configure” page of the “Family Tree” menu.

Click on the “Advanced Options” tab on the right and check the box in the bottom section:


I’m a new user to Geneanet and have trees on Ancestry and Family Search. My concern is with double indexing with Ancestry, How can I opt-out???

Answer from Geneanet: Follow the instructions in our article above, all you have to do is check the “Don’t index my family tree in Ancestry” box.

i would like to index for Geneanet, i have indexed for My Heritage for years

Answer from Geneanet: Thank you for your interest! You can get started on our Collaborative indexing page, or find a project that interests you on our Community page. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in our forum!

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