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Geneanet: List of Possible Duplicates

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jun 28, 2022

You can view the list of possible duplicates in your family tree and easily merge them if needed.

Pass you mouse over the search form at the top right of the screen, click “Advanced Search”, then click the tab “LIST” and finally click “List of possible duplicates”.

You can easily select some persons and merge them if needed.

– This is a list of possible duplicates and you must verify that it’s not different persons with the same name.
– The merge cannot be undone so be sure that it’s duplicate persons before doing it.
– Listed are the persons with same last name and same first names in the same order so you may have some other duplicate persons in your family tree.


I can not find the search you are talking about in the top right of the screen. You need to give more complete instructions.

Answer from Geneanet: Go to your family tree, then in the upper right corner of your screen, there is a magnifying glass in a red square. When you hover over that with your mouse, a dropdown menu appears. The bottom item is Advanced Search, select that. In the Advanced Search screen, select the middle tab: LIST. The bottom item in that tab is List of possible duplicates. You will be shown possible duplicates, which you may want to merge if you are sure they are duplicates. If your tree is well-documented with full names and birth and death dates, the system will calculate if there are no possible duplicates and say so.

I’m new. Not sure how this works exactly

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