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Do You Have Some Errors in Your Family Tree? Discover our Consistency Checker!

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jun 13, 2022

Our consistency checker has been recently updated for greater flexibility and efficiency.

Until now, this option was available from the main menu of the site. It has been moved to your family tree pages where you will have to click “Menu” and “Inconsistencies” to access it.

Two tabs are available:

  • People: This is the list of inconsistencies in your family tree such as individuals whose date of marriage is later than date of death, women whose date of death is before the date of birth of their child, etc.
  • Places: This is the list of places which could not be mapped by our program.

You can click the button “View individual” to check your data and make the correction if needed.

A dropdown list allows you to sort the list by type of inconsistency or by alphabetical order of individuals.

When you have made the correction in your family tree, you can mark the inconsistency as corrected. If you are sure that it’s not an error, you can ignore the inconsistency.

Of course, you can restore an inconsistency at any time so it shows up in the list again.

Don’t wait to discover this new option!

Another type of inconsistency will soon be added and your family tree will be automatically compared to our collection of indexes to see if there are errors in your family tree… or in the indexes themselves.

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1 comment

I record all the data from different sources in my tree. In my Family Tree Maker program it allows me to identify preferred data. These different data sources are identified as inconsistencies by Geneanet. Is there a way to recognize different data and flag one as preferred?

Answer from Geneanet: By different data, do you mean conflicting dates or places for an event? For example, if you have two sources with different death dates for a person, in Geneanet, after entering the preferred source in the Death event, you can create a User-defined event and give it a name, for example “Death record”. Alternatively, you can enter conflicting information in a Note of the original Death event.

If you have other questions, our forum is the best place, as it is monitored by support. If you are a Premium member, you can open a support ticket directly.

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