10 Good Reasons To Publish Your Tree On Geneanet

Posted by Sean Daly on May 3, 2022
photo of a screen with a Geneanet family tree

You come to Geneanet often and visit many trees, because you know about a strong point of the site: more than 7 billion ancestors are indexed. This richness exists thanks to all those who have taken the plunge and chosen to publish their family tree. So… why not publish your tree in turn?
Here are ten good reasons to upload your tree.

If there was only one argument — a major one — it’s that creating your tree at Geneanet is free! Geneanet has already enabled over one million people worldwide to create and share their tree. You retain ownership of your data and the documents you share. Geneanet respects your work.

Why publish your tree at Geneanet?

  1. Backup your research with a few clicks. Forget your paper files and binders, difficult to classify, difficult to update. On the Internet, everything is saved in realtime and you can update your tree whenever you want. Geneanet makes a backup every night, no security worries — you can rest easy!
  2. Work on your tree wherever you are. Nothing simpler than your favorite connected device: a smartphone or tablet, a nephew’s or granddaughter’s computer. No need to lug documents around, you have your tree at your fingertips, and you can add to it or modify it wherever you are.
  3. Share your discoveries. Whether you wish to give privileged access to close family members for your family tree (to look at data hidden for privacy reasons, and/or to participate in data entry), or the entire community of genealogists — friends or distant cousins — Geneanet allows you to choose for yourself how long they will have access, and what permissions they may or may not have with your tree.
  4. Enhance your work. With so many great features available, your tree will suddenly take on a whole new dimension: adding photos of all kinds, printing trees, lists and tables, maps, statistics, relationship calculations, all with a few clicks!
  5. Never forget any birthdays. Geneanet sends you a birthday reminder for every member of your family, close or distant. The birthday alert is fully configurable.
  6. Network with newfound cousins. You probably know your first cousins, or even your second cousins, but thanks to an online family tree, you will be able to find all of your cousins (to very distant degrees) thanks to the search by relationship. Communicate with them about your family to make your work bear fruit, and why not organize a family reunion!
  7. Grow your tree thanks to mutual help. Other genealogy enthusiasts will spontaneously contact you to help with your research, either out of pure altruism or because they are your cousins. It is not uncommon to obtain precious discoveries in this way: the unknown photo of an ancestor, an anecdote passed down from generation to generation, a complete ancestry branch, etc. And if your tree is not finished… be aware that it may well never be, because as long as there are archives (or genealogists) there is hope: don’t think twice about it, raise your chances to break through your brick walls by publishing as soon as possible!
  8. Immortalise your work. Geneanet can keep your tree up after your death if you wish, thanks to the “genealogical will” settings. You can even leave a note for your loved ones.
  9. Boost your research and improve your tree. Thanks to alerts and matches, Geneanet works for you and lets you know when new data has been added to the site. These very powerful functions tell you about ancestors that you didn’t know about (and with them sometimes entire branches over several generations!), but also missing information on existing persons (dates, places, events, number of children), not to mention the consistency checker.
  10. Identify famous cousins. You can automatically compare everyone in your tree with all of the celebrities present in Geneastar (over ten thousand!), you may have many surprises in store…

Or upload a GEDCOM file from your software

Here are some tutorials for major sites & software:

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