Is your DNA at Geneanet? Add your tree to find common ancestors with your matches!

Posted by Sean Daly on Apr 19, 2022

Have you tested your DNA at Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, or Living DNA, and uploaded your DNA file to Geneanet? If you have roots in Europe and want to find cousins, be sure to add your tree to Geneanet and link your DNA to it!

Genetic genealogy — building a family tree with the help of autosomal DNA (atDNA) matches — has made great strides in the past few years. Many brick walls have tumbled with previously unknown cousins who can tell the stories of the family members who remained in Europe, or help identify an unknown father in your tree. Geneanet’s chromosome browser and other DNA tools can help you pinpoint a common ancestor. Go further by adding your tree to Geneanet and linking your DNA to it!

Geneanet has advanced matching algorithms for comparing trees and if you and a cousin have both linked your DNA to your trees, you may be able to identify a common ancestor right away — names and places in common are shown on the DNA match page. If you are a Premium member, matching is automatic; you will be able to evaluate the match immediately! Don’t forget you can configure DNA match alerts so only high and medium confidence matches generate alerts (click on profile, menu Newsletters, tab DNA Matches).

Uploading a DNA zipfile to Geneanet is easy.

To begin, upload your DNA file if you haven’t already. Learn how on the site you used for your test, or read our handy guides on our DNA Help page. Don’t unzip the zipfile, you can upload it to Geneanet as it was when you downloaded it from the source site. If you have a tree at Geneanet already, link your DNA to yourself (or the family member whose kit you uploaded) in your tree (see below). Remember, you can add a DNA file to Geneanet and link or unlink it to a tree whenever you wish.

All major genealogy sites and software programs let you export your tree in GEDCOM format.

Is your DNA at Geneanet already? Now’s the time to add a tree! Of course, you can just start by typing in your family members. But if you already have your tree online at another site, or offline in a genealogy program, you can save all that data entry and just export a GEDCOM file of your tree, then import it to Geneanet. If you have photos or scans of documents with your tree, keep in mind that GEDCOM only stores tree data and not media files. Use our free Geneanet Upload utility for Windows, Mac and Linux instead to import your GEDCOM with your media files (images, PDF). Free members have 1 Gb of personal space available for media files; Premium members get 10 Gb. Questions? Visit our forums for assistance, or open a support ticket if you are a Premium member!

Geneanet Upload for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux will point your tree’s media file links to your personal space at Geneanet.

Now, you can link your DNA profile, and those of family members if available, to your tree. Keep in mind that living people will be hidden by default for privacy reasons, however you can always ask a match for guest permission to view their tree; and a common ancestor of a century ago will be visible. Read our how-to for step-by-step DNA kit linking instructions and you’ll be all set!

When a DNA kit is linked to a person in a tree, it’s easy to find how matches fit in.

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How much does it COST?

Answer from Geneanet: There is no charge to upload DNA tested with one of the major companies, and there is no charge to create a tree of unlimited size at Geneanet.

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