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Never forget a birthday with Geneanet alerts!

Posted by Sean Daly on Mar 17, 2022

Do you forget birthdays of your loved ones? Even if the answer is no, Geneanet’s Birthday Alerts feature makes it possible to not forget anyone, even among your distant cousins.

To set up your alerts, click on your login at the top right of the site and choose the “Newsletters” menu.

By default, you will land on subscription configuration page for the Geneanet newsletters. Let’s take a closer look at two tabs:

1) Birthday alerts

Birthday alerts allow you to receive an e-mail on each birthday of your family members. You can choose the degree of relationship thanks to the horizontal slider: from close family (parents, children, spouse) to everyone in your tree (assumed to be alive if no death date is given, and born in the past 110 years).

You can also receive alerts for a tree to which you are invited (for example if you don’t have a tree of your own and you regularly view as a guest or admin a tree set up by someone else) thanks to the drop-down menu at the top, and conversely be notified of the birthdays of people who appear among your contacts as guests or admins.

Finally, you can choose and modify at any time the frequency these messages are sent. The configuration pages of these alerts have been recently reviewed and corrected, do not hesitate to use them: celebrating a birthday of a loved one, or even a distant cousin, is always pleasant!

2) Family alerts

This system will only be useful if you are a guest or admin on a tree or if you yourself have given admins access to your own tree: it informs you as soon as a new date of birth, union (civil union, engagement, or marriage), or death dating from less than ten days has been entered in the chosen tree, which allows you to stay informed of all the events that take place in your family almost in real time.

The possibility to set the degree of relationship is also available, with the drop-down menu at the bottom.

Birthday Alerts and Family Alerts are a great way to keep in touch with your extended family!

Note: to invite your friends to participate in your tree, use the “Community > Contacts” menu


Supposedly I have 306 members but I can’t even find a tree to see them. I was notified that I have 37 inconsistancies. When I click on one, it says that person is not found.

Answer from Geneanet: Hi, your tree seems OK, please try logging out and in again. if you still can’t see them, please post in our forums which are monitored by support, someone will assist you.

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