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Half A Million Postcards At Geneanet!

Posted by Sean Daly on Mar 31, 2022

Geneanet has lots of rich and varied content useful for you: records collections, family trees, DNA matching, the Genealogy Library, ancestor and family name maps, Geneastar, Save Our Graves… and a fabulous free Postcards collection. We are thrilled to announce that we have just topped half a million cards in the database!

Search results in the Postcards database for “Cleveland”

In genealogy, we often associate places with our forbears: the village in the “old country” if they were immigrants, the town where they grew up which has changed over the years, the place of worship where they were married. The Geneanet Postcards collection (, uploaded by genealogists over the past two decades and almost entirely composed of pre-1960 images, has postcards from over a hundred different countries.

The village square of Saou in the département (county) of the Drôme, France

Do you have roots in France? Geneanet has practically every village in France in the Postcards collection; there are often several postcards of a locality. A postcard can show you right away that a village was in a valley or a town had streetcars on its main street. Were your ancestors married in the village church?

The profile page of this German-American pastor in New York City at the turn of the century shows his church

It’s easy to link a postcard to someone in your tree. Just find and select a postcard and click on Link to/Unlink from your family tree. The postcard will appear on the profile page of the person. Look at your family tree homepage: often, Geneanet will find a postcard for a place and show it to you on your family tree homepage!

See a postcard on the bottom of your tree’s homepage? Geneanet found people in your tree from that place!

Now and Then: Do you live near a place in an old postcard which is familiar to you? Use Geneanet’s Now and Then smartphone app to take a photo of it and combine it with the postcard, so the community can see the change over the years with an interactive slider!

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Have you seen an old postcard which needs a correction or clarification? Click on the “Suggest a correction” link, our moderators will update the card’s description. How about a postcard contributed by a member which is offensive? Click on “Report to the moderator” and we will take action.

Martin Place, Sydney, Australia

So… do you have any old postcards? Please consider uploading them to Geneanet! Read our how-to guide to get started. We thank the Geneanet members who scan and upload their postcards for the benefit of the community!

Note: The 1950 Census will be published by the National Archives on April 1st (see our search by address guide here). When you find your people, search for a postcard in the Geneanet database!

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