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Geneanet DNA: View your Haplogroups!

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jan 25, 2022

You can view your haplogroups on Geneanet if your DNA data allows it. Discover this feature.

A haplogroup is a series of mutations found in a chromosome. It is therefore detectable in the DNA of an individual and may be different from one population to another, or even from one individual to another. Haplogroups are identified by a code (ex: “T”, “H5a1”, “E1b1a1a1”) which allows to trace the genealogy of these genetic mutations.

In human genetics, the haplogroups most commonly studied are:

– The patrilineal line haplogroup (Y-chromosome), passed from father to son (women don’t have it) ;

– The matrilineal line haplogroup (mitochondrial DNA), passed from mother to offspring of both sexes.

Haplogroups define groups of population which share a common ancestor in their patrilineal or matrilineal line. This is a useful information in genetic genealogy as it’s complementary to autosomal DNA.

Geneanet now shows your paternal haplogroup (only for men) and your maternal haplogroup, if your DNA data allows it. This concerns DNA data from 23andMe (paternal and maternal haplogroups), and latest files from Ancestry and MyHeritage (paternal haplogroup only).

To discover your haplogroups, go to your DNA dashboard. This information can only be seen by you.

A help page is available to learn more about the haplogroups. You can also post your questions in our forum.

Your DNA dashboard

Go further in your genealogy research with your DNA

Please post your questions in our forum


How many people in France have their DNA uploaded? I know France prohibits it but can French people have their DNA analyzed in other countries?
Besides France are there other countries which prohibit DNA analysis for geneaology?

Answer from Geneanet: France prohibits “recreational” DNA lab testing on its soil, but tests performed outside France are generally not considered illegal – seek advice from your lawyer to be sure. France and Israel have the most restrictive laws for DNA testing.


Where are my haplogroups? My paternal says not available and my maternal says unknown. I entered in my info twice and still don’t see anything but I’ll keep poking about on your site

Answer from Geneanet: Which company did you test with? Post in our forum, section DNA – Genetic Genealogy for assistance.

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