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Are You Sure That You Don’t Have Any Errors In Your Family Tree?

Posted by Jean-Yves on Apr 5, 2021

Are you sure that you don’t have any errors in your family tree? No individual whose date of marriage is later than date of death? No woman whose date of death is before the date of birth of their child?

GeneaNet offers Premium members to automatically and instantly check their family tree for errors.

And you may be surprised!

Click ‘Configure’ in the top menu bar.

Click ‘Check Family Tree’ in the left sidebar.

This will automatically and instantly create the list of errors found in your family tree.

To ignore some errors, just click the red cross icon in the right column (critical errors cannot be ignored).

After any update of your family tree, you can check it again by clicking the ‘Resume’ button at the bottom of the list.


Excellent tool, thank you!

Does not work.
I do not see a check family tree option

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