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Thumbnails Are Now Displayed as Person’s Main Picture in Your Geneanet Family Tree

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jan 25, 2021

Now, when you create a thumbnail from any family picture and attach it to a person, it’s automatically displayed as person’s main picture in your Geneanet family tree.

Here is how to do.

Click “Family Tree > Your Archive & Pictures” in the main menu or directly go to to upload a new family picture or to select a family picture you have already uploaded.

Click “Thumbnail” at the top of the left sidebar to tag a person in the picture.

Drag a square around the face of the person you want to tag, enter the name of the person then select it in the list.

If there was no main picture for this person, the thumbnail is automatically displayed as the person’s main picture.

If there already was a main picture for this person, scroll down the profile page, then click “Manage media files” and “Change the main picture” in the section “Photos and archival records”. Click the highlighted image to remove the main picture (this will not delete the image file) and the thumbnail you have created as explained above will be displayed as person’s main picture.

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