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Participate in The Indexation of The Wyoming Marriage Index

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jan 6, 2021

Genealogy is based on sharing and we propose to participate in the collaborative indexing of the Wyoming, USA, Marriage Index so it will be searchable by all Geneanet members.

This is the marriage index for the state of Wyoming. The data is all indexed twice, once by the bride’s surname or maiden name, and once by the groom’s surname. Data for 1941-1952 is collected into large sets and broken down by the first letter of the surname, while data from 1953-1966 is available in smaller annual sets.

These records were originally obtained in late 2017 by the non-profit organization Reclaim The Records, through a Wyoming Sunshine Law public records request made to the Wyoming State Archives in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The records were delivered as several rolls of microfilms, along with the index to Wyoming marriages and divorces. The microfilms were then digitized, and the images were uploaded to the Internet Archive in February 2018.

Participate in the indexation

Select “Wyoming, USA, Marriage Index” in the “Collection” dropdown list, then enter the name of groom and bride, and the date and place of marriage for each record proposed.

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