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Some New Geneanet DNA Options

Posted by Jean-Yves on Nov 16, 2020

Geneanet DNA is still getting improved to offer you some tools to help you going further in your genealogy research. Some days ago we have added the haplogroups and now we have added some new options for your DNA matches!

Go to the menu “View DNA matches“.

The new options have been added to the list of your DNA matches.

Numbered pagination

Until now, all your DNA matches were listed in a single page, and it was not easy to browse when you have a lot of matches. There are now 20 matches listed by page and a numbered pagination at the bottom of each page.

Common ancestors found

A new column named “Common ancestors found” has been added so you can now immediately know if some common ancestors have been found in your family tree and in the family tree of your DNA relative (this option is reserved for Premium members).

Three results may show up:

  • yes: some common ancestors have been found with the family tree matching.
  • no: no common ancestors have been found because:
    • the family tree matching did not find common ancestors at this time,
    • the family tree matching coud not be processed; this is the case if you are not a Premium member or if the DNA data is not linked to a family tree.
  • a dash: the family tree matching has not yet been processed.


You can now apply a filter to the search results list.

You can now show DNA relationships with:

  • a family tree,
  • the common ancestors found,
  • a low accuracy,
  • a medium accuracy.

Of course, you can still sort these results by degree of relationship, date of match or accuracy.

View your DNA matches

Go further in your genealogy research with your DNA

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Something like Shared Matches that Ancestry has needs to be offered before I would upgrade to Premium membership. Just seeing DNA matches is not sufficient.

Which DNA tests are you using?

Answer from Geneanet: Please read

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