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440,000 Old Postcards Available for Free on Geneanet!

Posted by Jean-Yves on Oct 26, 2020

Did you know that you can share your old postcards on Geneanet? Thanks to the Geneanet members, almost 440,000 postcards are available for free!



In the main menu, click “Projects > Postcards” then use the search form to find a postcard by place or by topic.

You can click “Other postcards in the nearby places” to discover postcards available around this place!

To share your postcards, scan them with at least 1280px width (postcards in landscape mode) or 1280px height (postcards in portrait mode).

View the postcards

Share your postcards


Thanks for creating this format. It’s a great way to add to my family’s “places they have been.”

What area’s do they cover. France, England etc.

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