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New Geneanet DNA Matches Option: View Your Common Ancestors

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jul 2, 2020

You can now quickly and easily view your common ancestors through your Geneanet DNA matches!

To view your DNA matches, click “DNA” in the top menu bar then “View DNA matches”.

For every DNA match, you can see if there’s a family tree available, and if it’s the DNA data of the member who published the family tree or another person.

If there’s a family tree available, click “View relationship” to instantly view your common ancestors.

You are redirected to a new page. Just click “View” to continue.

The relationship shows up and you can click any name to view the family tree.

The matches are updated every time one of these family trees is updated.

If you already have a family tree and if you have already taken a DNA test, you can upload them all to Geneanet to easily find new relatives in our huge family tree database.

Go further in your genealogy research with your DNA

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Why was I not able to upload the most recent four DNA kits I am manager from? I could see that the files were uploaded but the names did not appear on my list of DNA kits. The only way I was able to upload the latest kits was to add the names of each kit member to the tree I have on Geneanet and then I was able to upload the raw data. I have not had to do this before.

Secondly is there a field to add “notes” to a DNA match for example to add the possible surname in common? I am unable to find any notes fields in the DNA matches.

Answer from Geneanet: When uploading a DNA kit, you are asked to enter a name or to link it to a person in your family tree. This has not changed. The option for adding notes is actually not available.

What do the different colored dots mean to the left of your DNA matches…

Answer from Geneanet: Please read

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