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Some New Options for Your Geneanet DNA Matches

Posted by Jean-Yves on May 11, 2020

Some new options are now available for your DNA matches so you can easily see names and places shared with your DNA relatives.

To view your DNA matches, click “DNA” in the top menu bar then “View DNA matches”.

For every DNA match, you can see if there’s a family tree available, and if it’s the DNA data of the member who published the family tree or another person.

If there’s a family tree available, some suggestions of common ancestry are shown:
– Shared names in the same place
– Shared names
– Shared places.

You just have to click any name or place to discover new common ancestors!

If you already have a family tree and if you have already taken a DNA test, you can upload them all to Geneanet to easily find new relatives in our huge family tree database.

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I have done the above, but the list of folks have no similar names in my tree. When I contact them, some react as if they have no idea who I am. I am unable to see how they are connected to me at all. What gives? Very disappointed at this point.

I suggest adding capability to add notes to matches, unless there is already one and I haven’t noticed it.

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