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Do You Know The Main Menu of The Geneanet Family Tree?

Posted by Jean-Yves on Nov 25, 2019

You all know the menu above the family tree which allows you to add, edit and delete persons, to add pictures and documents, to download and print charts and lists, to view timelines and maps, and much more.

Another menu is also very useful but it’s not well known by the Geneanet members.

To open this menu, click the name of your family tree at the top of the page.

Edit Tools

• Help: Allows you to access the help pages.
• Add Individual/Family: Allows you to create a new separate branch in your family tree.
• Check Family Tree: Allows you to get a list of possible errors in your family tree (reserved for Premium members).
• History of Updates: Allows you to view the history of updates in your family tree. Useful for collaborative family trees.
• Dictionaries (places, occupations, sources): Allows you to view and edit place names, occupations and sources from your family tree.
• Calendar Converter: Allows you to convert dates from/to Gregorian calendar, Julian calendar, French Republican calendar and Hebrew calendar.

Family Tree Data

• Map: Allows you to map your ancestors.
• Family Events: Allows you to view the list of births, marriages and deaths of the day.
• Family Tree Statistics: Allows you to view the list of last events, 20 oldest persons still alive, 20 persons who lived the longest, popularity of names, etc.

Manage Family Tree

• Import a GEDCOM file: Allows you to import a GEDCOM file from your personal genealogy software or another genealogy website.
• Restore: Allows you to restore an earlier version of your family tree (reserved for Premium members).
• Export: Allows you to export your entire family tree or a single branch.
• Presentation & Browsing: Allows you to change your family tree title, theme, header and much more.
• Configure Family Tree: Allows you to change your privacy options.

Other Tools

• Archival Documents & Pictures: Allows you to view and edit the family pictures and documents you have uploaded.
• Your Personal Notes: Allows you to view and edit the personal notes you have added to your family tree.
• Family Book: Allows you to view and edit your family book.
• Invite Family and Friends: Allows you to view and edit the access rights you have given to your contacts.

When other members visit your family tree, this menu is also available but with less options.

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Thank you so much for all the information. I am so happy to e able to use Geneanet as I have French ancestors to the 15th century and I am sure more. It is so exciting to find about my French ancestors.So much information I dearly wish that I could speak French. Thank You.

How do I indicate a second marriage in my tree?

Answer from Geneanet: Click the pen icon then “Add spouse”.

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