Native American Ancestors Found in the Genes of Many in the U.S.

Posted by Jean-Yves on Oct 1, 2019

If your ancestry in the United States stretches back more than 250 years, you may have Native American forbears. A new population genetics study shows that Americans with early European or early African ancestry can also have Native American gene groups.

Those Americans usually have family roots near the traditional homes of the respective tribes found in their genes, according to research led by the Georgia Institute of Technology. But where the descendants are today differs between these groups.

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Indian genes are strong in the northeast and my (Abenaki) relationship is passed mostly from Quebec . Jan

I was always told as a child that I wa part Cherokee, AND some of my ancestors migrated to America in the 1770’s or earlier, but according to my DNA test, I have 0% Native American in me! Drat! Go figure!

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