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Leaking Dome at National Records of Scotland Causes Massive Damage To Precious Historical Documents

Posted by Jean-Yves on Aug 5, 2019

Some of Scotland’s precious and irreplaceable historical records have been damaged after torrents of rain leaked in through a dome which has needed repair work for a number of years.

The damage to a host of documents, including marriage and death certificates dating from 1800 occurred last Tuesday night at the National Records of Scotland (NRS) on Princes Street, following hours of torrential rain and thunder storms swept large parts of Scotland.

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SO….where was government assistance? It is their bailiwick?

This happened some years ago in the Norwich & Norfolk Record office.
The worst affected documents were put in a freezer and shipped to the Harwell Atomic Energy Research Station to stop them going mouldy and the remainder were dried, as far as possible, in the open air.

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