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Posted by Jean-Yves on Jul 22, 2019

Easily find additional information and quickly grow your your family tree.

• In your ancestry: Compare your direct ancestry with the Geneanet database and grow your family tree.
• Relationships: Are you related to another Geneanet member? Find relationships between you and the root of other family trees available on Geneanet.
• Famous people: Are you related to a famous person? Find relationships between you and famous people!

Try the Geneanet Matches

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Looking for parents of Noah Marshall Forested b. 1851 Nashvile, Davidson, Tennessee


I’ve just found out that you can not copy or merge matches from another person’s tree. You CAN download a .pdf with the information though. My question now is, ‘what do I have to do to clear the matches once I’ve viewed them?

Answer from Geneanet: They are marked as read when you have clicked on them.

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