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Thousands of Historical IRA Documents Discovered in Co Clare House

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jun 19, 2019

An archive of Irish Republican Army [IRA] materials that are about a century old has been discovered in the family home of former IRA commander Joe Barrett in Kilrush, Co Clare.

The local Kilrush and District Historical Society discovered the materials after being contacted by a member of the public saying they were welcome to anything found in the house.

The trove of historical materials belonged to Joe Barrett, who was the commander of the Mid Clare Brigade of the IRA during both the War of Independence and the Civil War in the earlier part of the 20th century. Barrett, the BBC reports, died in 1971.

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Hundreds of millions of people of Irish descent are unable to research their family histories, due to the violence and destruction caused by the IRA during the Irish civil war. It’s a shame that the IRA can’t restore the 800 years of historical records they destroyed.

No, actually it was corrupt English overlords and Anglican clergy who stole and destroyed historic Irish Catholic records, as they starved, murdered, and put on slave ships almost 2 million Irish. Destroying the records also allowed the English to steal large swaths of Irish lands, fake bills of sales and deeds. Historic IRA actually kept and copied as many records as they could find, and led the fight for Irish independence.

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