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Survey: Your Genetic Genealogy Research

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jun 20, 2019

In recent years, genealogists in many countries are interested in DNA testing to enrich their research. In 2019, nearly 30 million people in the world have tested their DNA for genealogical purposes.

For a few tens or hundreds of euro, from a saliva sample, these genealogists can have a more or less precise idea of ​​their ethnic origins, with information on the migrations of their ancestors. The results, strictly personal, are stored in huge databases, which allow comparisons between people who have done the same test and thus the detection of possible relatives. DNA testing is still illegal in France.

These tests are not legal everywhere. For example, they are not legal in some European countries. Geneanet, wich supports the authorization of these tests in a legal framework, wishes to collect your feedback.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to answer this totally anonymous survey (if you wish).

Take the survey!

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I answered no to would I transfer my results to geneanet. I want to explain. I found alot of information on my family on this site and have communicated with several people asking questions. Also I joined a couple of projects and since unjoined. One of the biggest problems I’ve had in researching has been the negativity to females and to MtDna. On this site when asking questions or help with finding information about female relatives. Especially at sites like Europedia Hey men about 50% of us are females!!! You men can’t make babies you need us.!!! YDNA is not the only important part in genealogy. I would like to see a part of this site that can be ONLY women with a WOMAN in charge of the project that would work with the women when we need help finding information in Europe. Sorry but I needed to get that said. Overall I do love your site.

I agree with Ms Hudson. Tracing females is extremely difficult. MtDNA testing is available and would give a tremendous boost to tracing the female lines of our ancestry. Knowing that Andre YYY the son of Janos YZZ married the daughter of Janos ZZZ is nice to know but which Janos ZZZ and which daughter. If I could connect with another woman who knows that her ancestress was Mary the daughter of Janos ZZZ who was married to Borbola WWW it would go a long way in helping me find the family I’m looking for. I know there are many strong women who come from long lines of nameless strong women who kept the families together after their husbands left for better paying jobs, went off to war or died. Even when I started school in the early 1950’s I thought my parents’ names were Stephen and Mrs. Stephen. Only after I asked my mother what her name was did I find out her birth name. And that was only about 70 years ago in the USA. Even church records in the small European towns where my grandmothers were born are unavailable due to wars and rodents. Your site does an excellent job, but it could be better with MtDNA. If we stopped constantly asking Y and tried to find X we could get the solution to many genealogical questions.

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