Bailleul Road East Cemetery, Saint-Laurent-Blangy, France, Now Available on Geneanet

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jun 25, 2019

A greater part of the village was included in the front taken over by British troops in March 1916, and the remainder fell into British hands on the first day of the Battles of Arras, the 9th April 1917. Bailleul Road East Cemetery was begun by the 34th Division in April 1917, and carried on by fighting units until the following November; and Plot I, Row R, was added in August 1918. Plots II, III, IV and V were made after the Armistice by the concentration of isolated graves from a very wide area North, East and South of Arras and from the following two burial grounds:- NORTHUMBERLAND CEMETERY, FAMPOUX, was on the West side of the road from Fampoux to Bailleul-Sire-Berthoult. (Source: Commonwealth War Graves Commission)

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