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The ‘Clotilda,’ The Last Known Slave Ship To Arrive in The U.S., Is Found

Posted by Jean-Yves on May 23, 2019

One hundred and fifty-nine years ago, slave traders stole Lorna Gail Woods’ great-great grandfather from what is now Benin in West Africa. Her ancestor, Charlie Lewis, was brutally ripped from his homeland, along with 109 other Africans, and brought to Alabama on the Clotilda, the last known slave ship to arrive in the United States. Today, researchers confirmed that the remains of that vessel, long rumored to exist but elusive for decades, have been found along the Mobile River, near 12 Mile Island and just north of the Mobile Bay delta.

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Charlie Lewis got the last boat Out of Africa! How lucky was that? Now, all those descendents can be thankful they missed out on European colonial rule, the Liberation Struggles, and all the wonders of autonomous African self-rule!


Are people still wanting to be compensated for something that happened a long time ago? This is wrong, They have a good life because of what their ancestors had to go through. Be thankful and get on with your life. This is your history, not everyone else’s responsibility.

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