Bourlon Wood Cemetery, Bourlon, France, Now Available on Geneanet

Posted by Jean-Yves on May 5, 2019

On its South-East side, stretching nearly to Fontaine-Notre Dame, is Bourlon Wood, and the village and the wood were the scene of desperate fighting in the Battle of Cambrai 1917; the 40th Division, which with the Guards and the 62nd Division bore the brunt of this fighting, has placed a memorial altar in Bourlon Church. At the end of the Battle the British troops were withdrawn from Bourlon, and the wood and the village were ultimately retaken by the 3rd Canadian and 4th Canadian Divisions on the 27th September 1918. The village was later “adopted” by the Borough of Hove. Bourlon Wood Cemetery was made by the Canadian Corps Burial Officer in October 1918. (Source: CWGC)

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