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All 32 Irish County Coat of Arms, What They Mean and Where They Come From

Posted by Jean-Yves on Mar 7, 2019

Every county of Ireland has its own coat of arms, whether officially granted or via heraldic tradition. In the majority of cases these crests were actually drawn up by the government before being assigned to the counties themselves.

All but one county council in Ireland, South Dublin, have their own personalised ‘coat’, while GAA colours often accompany symbols of dragons, ships and other emblems representing the heritage of the various counties.

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My Family name is Carey,native Irish in5 distinct Clans’ Fenetic homelands: Cork,Mayo.Tipperary, Westmeath and Antrim. PROUD to be IRISH.
Our last name has change over the years,Kerry,Carew, Keary,and Cary

Interesting, but from what it looks like, these aren’t “Family Coats of Arms’, but for each County in IRE, which may or may not be for any particular family / clan.
My name BEATTIE did not reside in any 1 county or town! I found out that they were the “preparers of at my county Genealogical seminar by Michael O’Maille, who discussed surnames & where they lived, & their occupations. He came in from IRE, is an historian & said BEATTIE [anglicized] is of the Gaelic occupation ‘Biadhtach’ meaning ‘public victualler.’ So any BEATTIE, BATY, etc wouldn’t likely have a Family OR County crest.

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