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New on Geneanet: The Timeline

Posted by Jean-Yves on Feb 5, 2019

The new Geneanet timeline allows you to display one entire family history in a single view.

The timeline lists events of the main individual, parents, spouses and children, siblings and half-siblings, and the age of the main individual at the time of each event.

If you have linked some documents to the events, they will be shown in the timeline.

Events with no date are not shown in the timeline.

Click “More > Timeline” in the menu to display the timeline.

Here is an example of the timeline (click to enlarge).

To link documents to an event, go to the media manager, upload a document or click an existing one, tag the person then click “Attach to an event” in the “Tagged people” section, as shown below.

Some other information will soon be added to the timeline, for example events for which the main individual was a witness or a godparent.

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Where do you go to do this: ” Click “More > Timeline” in the menu to display the timeline.”
None of the headers above have “more” beneath them? Also I am new to this and not sure where to go to get to my information to do a timeline. would appreciate any help you can give me.

I found how to go to more…it is on the persons page.

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