The Ancient Origins of New Zealanders

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jan 15, 2018

Aotearoa was the final destination of a very long journey that began in Africa over 65,000 years ago. Whether you’re a red-headed country music singer in Gore or a Filipino dairy worker in Dannevirke, your ancestral homeland is Africa.

When a small band of modern humans filtered out of Africa into Europe and Asia, they encountered other human types who had arrived there hundreds of thousands of years before. Our new breed of taller, seemingly more savvy and better equipped men and women co-existed with Neanderthals for at least 10,000 years before they died out, whether through force or happenstance.

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This often quoted comment seems to me to be at odds with common sense as it and previous comments rarely attempt to give a rational insight as to the particular racial characteristics of for instance Japanese people in direct comparison to Nordic people.
I would be happy if some one could explain in relatively simple language how the mythical black African mother of all races was able to disseminate her seed world wide without an obvious physical parralel to the African area in which she lived. I do not believe I am a dumb person so any helpful information from those with general insight or specific genome training that can explain how this could occur will be appreciated.

New Zealand’s first inhabitants were the peace loving Morori who lived in harmony on both islands until Pacific islanders found New Zealand around 800 years ago. Their warlike nature eventually wiped out most of the original tribes of Morori by the time the Europeans settled the islands and ever since their has been land disputes of who has the rights to live in which parts of New Zealand.

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