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Geneanet New Offer and Pricing Model: One Year After

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jan 2, 2018

One year ago, we announced a new pricing model to simplify our offer and to go back to fundamental principles of Geneanet.

Some of you ask questions about the opportunity to subscribe for Geneanet Premium or to renew the membership.

One year after our new offer, it is pertinent to recall the basics of the Geneanet model.

How Geneanet works?

Geneanet is the largest community of genealogists involved in mutual aid and sharing in Continental Europe. It’s a website with millions of data provided by members, collaborative projects and partners.

Geneanet is based on a “Freemium” model.

By default, every member has access to a free comprehensive offer. This offer allows to create a family tree with an unlimited number of individuals, with an unrestricted use, without any ads since January 2, 2017, and with a number of customization, printing and alert tools (like the birthday reminders). This free offer also allows to upload and share indexes and pictures with a simple principle: every collaborative material is accessible for free for all Geneanet members.

It is important to note that every Geneanet member can be contacted without paying a Premium subscription.

This free offer also includes:

– a search engine by last name, first name and place in the entire database,
– an email alert by name and place,
– an advanced search engine in the collaborative collections,
– an access to the forums.

Simultaneously, Geneanet also proposes a Premium offer with additional search options (spouse, parents, variants of name, nearby places), a tool to automatically match your family tree with the entire database, an advanced email alert not to miss new entries on the site, a digital library with more than 2.6 billion indexed individuals, an access to millions of BMD records provided by genealogy societies which have a partnership with Geneanet, and a personalised assistance.

Inquiries from our members…

Some Premium members claim that Geneanet offers too many free options and data.

Conversely, some members don’t find any interest in subscribing because they think that Premium options and data are not attractive.

And some others consider that members who share their family tree should automatically have a Premium account.

We consider it important not to oppose gratuity and Premium.

Above all, Geneanet is a collaborative website

Mutual aid, collaboration and free sharing are the basics of Geneanet.

Geneanet promotes and supports a number of collaborative projects like “A cemetery for posterity” for the preservation of information which is written on the graves, “Now and Then” to discover places as they were decades ago in our database of geolocated old postcards, archival registers (notarial archives, censuses, parish registers, etc.), millions of collaborative indexes. Geneanet also hosts more than 120 genealogy societies for free, and much more.

Access to all this incredible content is totally free!

The particularity of the Premium subscription

Geneanet proposes a comprehensive free collaborative offer.

That has a cost!

Behind the site, there is an important technical infrastructure with more than 80 high capacity servers, 200 terabytes of redundant storage, 100 million page views per month. This infrastructure also needs a team to ensure the development and the maintenance of the site.

The free offer is possible thanks to the Premium members. They allow to maintain a collaborative and free website for the benefit of all the genealogy community.

Subscribing to Geneanet Premium is not only accessing to additional options and features but also allow the existence of the model described above.

With the “Club Privilege”, forerunner of Geneanet Premium, members had few advantages. The first subscribers did it to preserve the gratuity of the site.

That is why it is important for us to recall the basics of Geneanet. We are proud that we could preserve that balance for more than 20 years, with an increased spirit of mutual aid.

In conclusion, you are part of one community of sharing and mutual aid. You are welcome regardless how you use Geneanet! If you subscribe to Geneanet Premium or if you renew your membership, keep in mind that it’s not only to subscribe to a service but also to share a certain idea of genealogy.

Subscribe or renew

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I just received my VISA statement. I am being charged $50.00 US and the statement indicates that you (GENEANET) were paid that amount. I am confused!

Answer from Geneanet:

We have received a payment of 50 $US on December 21, 2017, and your Premium membership will expire on January 20, 2019.

Would it be possible to see a listing of a few publications (other than newspapers) in your library before a decision is made to purchase a premium membership?

Answer from Geneanet:

You can browse the catalog at

Please use the options in the left sidebar to restrain the selection.

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