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The New Geneanet Family Tree Menus

Posted by Jean-Yves on Sep 18, 2017

Over the last weeks, we have reorganized and simplified the family tree menus, and they are now available for all!

No options and parameters have been removed, only menus have been changed.

Old menus in the profile page


New menus in the profile page



• The header is smaller
• A link to the family pictures and papers is available below the list of individual events
• A switch button has replaced the “High Contrast” link
• You can click the profile picture to edit it


• The home page button is now in the header, at the top left of the screen
• The title of your family tree has been moved to the top left of the screen, beside the home page button
• The message to the visitors is not permanently displayed anymore and you must click the bubble button to view it
• The search engine and options have been moved to the top right of the screen
• The “Family Tree”, “Profile” and “Matches” tabs have been moved to the left so they are now more visible
• The “Personal Note” tab has been changed to an icon
• On your own family tree and on any other family tree where you have “Admin” access rights, there’s a new “Edit” tab which allows you to edit the individual and its family, and to edit/add/delete family pictures and papers
• The “Charts and Lists” tab has been renamed to “Print”

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I would like an option for only births and baptisms in a France search for individuals named, I have no idea of my ancestors parents names in France other than the surname currently.


Fine improvements. Had a bit of consternation finding the new location for “Charts and Lists” but all is well now.

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