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New on Geneanet: Publicly Display Persons Who Are Supposed To Be Private

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jun 26, 2017

On Geneanet, you have three privacy options for your family tree:

– Semi-Public: The name of personss who lived 100 years ago will be displayed but not the dates, places, notes, etc. Click the ‘Private Individuals’ tab above to withhold individuals.
– Private: Persons who lived 100 years ago will not be displayed.
– Public: Persons who lived 100 years ago will be displayed with names, dates, places, notes, etc.

Sometimes, these options set some persons private when you’d like them to be public.

It’s now possible to publicly display persons who are supposed to be private!

Click “Family Tree > Import/Export a GEDCOM File” in the top menu bar, then “Configure > Privacy” in the left sidebar, and finally the “Living Individuals” tab.


To publicly display any private person, simply click “Add an individual” and enter its name.

Remember that you can click the “Private Individuals” tab to force some persons to be private in your family tree.

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You can change your privacy settings at

I still don’t understand your Privacy choices. I don’t want the birth dates and personal information to show up on my family tree for those who are living. Is this what your trying to say?? It is confusing and I don’t see any change when I try different choices.

Also, how do I delete information I don’t want shown such as my bio. Did I have to make these changes in a Gedcom first? Advise.

Answer from Geneanet:

You have many privacy options at

You can hide information about living individuals if needed.

Notes of private individuals will not be shown to the public so you don’t have to remove them.

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