Latest Genealogy Software Updates

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jun 6, 2017

Ancestral Quest 15 Build 8 (Full Featured – Windows – Purchase)
• Collaboration: Owners of Collaboration files use a screen that allows them to see which users have been given rights to their file. This screen now sorts the list of users, and there is a new “Print to File” button, allowing this list to be saved/printed.
• Newsline: When AQ starts for the first time each day, it shows you news from Incline Software, and an indication of whether your copy of AQ is up to date. This screen will now first check to see whether the server is online before showing the screen.
• Standard Descendants Chart: If you asked to view color coding on the Standard Descendants chart, you’ll notice that the chart drops some names between pages. Fixed.

Arlington National Cemetery Explorer for iPhone and iPad 2.6.2 (Mobile – Freeware)
• Updated push notification support.

Brother’s Keeper 7.2.9 (Full Featured – Windows – Purchase)
• You can search for the FindAGrave text field on the Word Search screen.
• The FindAGrave field is exported to GEDCOM using the tag _FGRAVE.
• There is a new alternate name for the Names list on Edit: Tombstone Name.
• When you click the FindAGrave button on Edit, it will use the Tombstone name if the person has one, otherwise the Current name, or the Married name, or the regular top Name field.

CamScanner for Android Varies with device (Mobile – Freeware)
• New “ID Card Mode” enables scanned images to be automatically adapted to papers and ensures a hard-copy-like print-out (Premium only)
• Folder feature is supported on both CamScanner website and mobile app.
• Tags are added in New Doc Naming Setting.

GEDCOM Validator (GEDCOM Tools – Windows – Freeware)
• Added support for .NET 4.7 on all supported operating systems.
• Added file header preview on file search results.
• Added drive selection options to file search.
• Added option to save file search results.
• Fixed issue with non-leading underscores in tags being reported as illegal.
• Fixed detection of Event GEDCOM.

GedSite 1.5 Build 22 (Web Publishing – Windows – Purchase)
• Added the Common Ancestor Chart.
• Fixed a bug where some deceased people were categorized as living because GedSite was not interpreting descendant’s events properly.

KinsMap for Android 1.30.3 (Mobile – Freeware)
• Rearrangement of toolbars for better use of space on small screens.
• Premium: Introducing KinsMerge – the groundbreaking compare and merge function.
• Bug fixes.

My Family Tree (Full Featured – Windows – Freeware)
• Updated several translations.
• Improved loading progress indicator.
• Improved chart updating for marriage end dates when birth / death date / is living status changes.
• Added option to change to whether proper nouns should be spell checked during spell check.
• Added reference to citation popup.
• Added support for importing orphaned PHON, URL, WWW, FAX and EMAIL tags.
• Many bug fixes.

Scanner Pro for iPhone and iPad 7.1.3 (Mobile – Purchase)
• Numerous bug fixes and general performance improvements.
• Drag and Drop compatibility with other Readdle apps on iPad (works with Documents, Spark and PDF Expert).

ScanWritr Pro for Android Varies with device (Mobile – Purchase)
• New: OCR.
• Minor bug fixes.

Second Site 6.2 Build 11 (Web Publishing – Windows – Purchase)
• Updated a third-party DLL, ChilkatAx-9.5.0-win32.dll, to avoid a crash where other applications installed the updated version; the updated versions are not compatible with older versions, a mistake on the part of Chilkat.
• Modified the handling of split citation detail fields ([CD2], [CD3], etc.) to be more compatible with TMG v9.05: Second Site now supports the single- or double-exclusion characters at the beginning of any split field, not just the first.
• Modified the Welcome Header Script to scale the welcome image in small windows.
• Fixed a bug where name tags were not excluded from a name index even if the sentence structure for the name tag was doubly-excluded.

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2017 build 170509 (Family Books – Windows – Shareware)
• Fixed: In unformatted text reports, media titles and filenames were not shown correctly for family media items.
• Improved: Minor changes to French GUI.

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