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New Geneanet Printable Family Tree Theme: Ancestry and Descendancy

Posted by Jean-Yves on Apr 3, 2017

On GeneaNet, you can download (in PDF) and print ancestry and descendancy charts for free!

You can select the type of chart (classic, fan), the number of generations and the content, and it automatically displays a preview of the chart.

Some new themes and options are added regularly, and you can now enjoy the new ‘Ancestry and Descendancy’ theme!

Offer a beautiful ancestry and descendancy chart to your family and friends!

Go to the page of an individual in your GeneaNet family tree, then click ‘Charts & Lists > Printable Family Tree’ in the menu bar at the top of the page.


Click ‘Ancestry and descendants’ in the ‘Type’ drop-down list.


You can display and print 4-7 generations of ancestry and 4-7 generations of descendancy, and you can select a theme (Black and white, Parchment, Azulejo, Linen canvas, Spring garden, Flowerbed, Heraldic lion).




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how can I print the chart?

I like this. Thank you. Mary

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