New Options Added To The Geneanet Automatic Matches

Posted by Jean-Yves on Feb 20, 2017

Some new options have been added to the Geneanet Automatic Matches.

Until now, you could automatically find new ancestors for an individual, as well as its date and/or place of birth and/or death.

You can now automatically find new children for a couple of persons.

When some Automatic Matches are found for a person in your family tree, a red icon is displayed on the “Matches” menu item as shown below.


Click the “Matches” menu item.

This will open a new page with the Automatic Matches list.

In the example below, 2 family trees have been automatically found with 7 known children for the same parents.

Just click the “View” button to see results and to get new information about your ancestors.


Note: Automatic Matches are reserved to Premium members. Click here to learn more about Geneanet Premium

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You have 2 Geneanet accounts: “ellenbm” and “gnbmcwhirter”. You must be logged in to the correct account when clicking a link in the email alert.

Oh, it’s only for Premium accounts. So I guess I will just do my research the old-fashioned way.

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