Genealogy Software Updates of the Week

Posted by Jean-Yves on Feb 23, 2017

GedSite 1.3 Build 10 (Web Publishing – Windows – Purchase)
• Added the Indented Pedigree Chart User Item.
• Added the Puzzle Piece and Contented1 Themes.
• Added the Accent Items facility to the Indented Pedigree Chart and the List of People User Item.
• Added the Show Lightbox property to the Image User Item.
• The Style property in the Accent Item window now shows the colors of the selected Accent Style.
• Brother’s Keeper flags are now loaded as Attributes which you may include in the Person Entry or use as the basis for filter criteria; see the Flags section of GedSite’s Brother’s Keeper help page.
• Fixed a bug where place notes were not handled properly resulting in missing place information pages.
• Fixed a bug where primary images in GEDCOM files from some applications, including Family Tree Maker and Brother’s Keeper, were not handled properly resulting in some duplicate exhibits or no assignment of a primary person exhibit.
• Fixed a bug where two CSS classes meant to be unique had the same name; please see newsletter for details.
• Fixed several textbox display issues that only affected the “Metro” skin.

GeneaNet pour Android 2.19 (Mobile – Freeware)
• The Sosa/Ahnentafel number is now showing on the individual profile of the direct ancestors (as on the website).
• Added the individual search by Sosa/Ahnentafel number (in addition to the search by last name and first name).

Google PhotoScan for Android (version varies with devices) (Mobile – Freeware)
• Higher resolution scans on supported high-end devices, such as Pixel.
• Performance improvements.

Google PhotoScan for iPhone and iPad 1.3.1 (Mobile – Freeware)
• Save a photo while reviewing it.
• Ability to view the tutorial and tooltips again.
• Performance improvements.

HuMo-gen 5.1.14 (Web Publishing – Windows – Freeware)
• German item “Rufname” is processed.
• Don’t show HuMo-gen update options to users with editor rights.
• Improved statistics in admin screen.
• Homepage: time by latest update of family tree is shown.
• Changed translation of _GERN into: given name.
• Changed some texts in HuMo-gen for german language.
• Improved weblinks by photo’s.
• Improved search in multiple family trees (with same person gedcomnumbers).
• Texts including a HTML table are now processed properly.
• Gedcom export: added an extra space after firstname (according to gedcom specifications 5.5.1).
• Improved Google Maps for websites using https links.
• In the editor there was a wrong extra order arrow by families.
• Order of favorites could not be changed.
• Wrong month was shown when reading a gedom file in admin page (october instead of december).
• PDF export for canadian-english didn’t work properly.
• Admin screen errors by provider Hostinger (changed curl timing).

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2017 build 170221 (Full Featured – Windows – Shareware)
• Fixed: Output of Unformatted Text File reports could fail to be created.

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2017 build 170221 (Family Books – Windows – Shareware)
• Fixed: Handling of adoption status using non-standard _MREL and _FREL tags when PEDI tag is not exported, (Family Tree Maker is one program that uses this construct.)
• Improved: Unformatted Text File reports are now written to the My Genealogy Reports folder.
• Improved: Sortation of place names in Index of Places now hierarchical by place; e.g., USA followed by USA, Michigan followed by USA, Michigan, Detroit.

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