Genealogy Software Updates of the Week

Posted by Jean-Yves on Feb 10, 2017

GedSite 1.3 Build 5 (Web Publishing – Windows – Purchase)
• Added the List of People User Item.
• Added Last Edited and Tag Date filter terms, including a “Within” operator for comparing dates to the current date.
• Added the Attribute filter term to allow filtering based on attribute values.
• Extended the Person Entry Attribute item to provide more control over what text is included on the person page for an attribute.
• Added the Copy User Style and Paste User Style commands in the Edit Menu of the User Style window.
• Added the Exhibits.Caption Preference property.
• Added the “Is Empty” and “Is Not Empty” operators to all text filters.
• Added Banner to the list of Header Script choices.
• Family Historian flags are now loaded as Attributes which you may include in the Person Entry or use as the basis for filter criteria; see the Flags section of GedSite’s Family Historian help page.
• Added support for the Family Tree Maker version of the ALIA record where the value is presumed to represent a nickname; see the Names section of GedSite’s Family Tree Maker help page.
• Mapped several Family Tree Maker custom GEDCOM tags to new and/or existing tag types; see the Events section of GedSite’s Family Tree Maker help page.
• Fixed a bug where String section values with certain special characters were being ignored.
• Fixed incorrect default values for the font-family property in the Styles.Page.Body section and the Style.Page.Header section.
• Correct a bug where some tag types (aka fact definitions) read from the GEDCOM file would not be used for all the intended events.

Kith and Kin Pro 3.2.6 (Full Featured – Windows – Shareware)
• Fixes Tree Layout PDF feature of Export Web Pages. Now only works with online pages due to limitations in the Adobe PDF Reader.
• Fixes capitalisation in Netherlands regional file strings.
• Telephone support no longer available.

Little Family Tree for Android 2.1.1 (Mobile – Freeware)
• Fixed several bugs.
• Added support for skin tones.

StoryWorth for iPhone and iPad 1.8.3 (Mobile – Freeware)
• Fixed a few bugs, including one that would prevent drafts from being saved if the application quit in the background.

The Family Tree of Family for Android 2.2.5 (Mobile – Purchase)
• Fixed minor bugs.

TreeDraw 4.4.2 (Charts and Diagrams – Windows – Shareware)
• Fixes endless looping when importing invalid relationships, eg. someone is his own grandfather.
• Telephone support no longer available.

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