World’s Oldest Person Dies Aged 116

Posted by Jean-Yves on Jun 19, 2015

A woman deemed the world’s oldest person has died in Michigan, a month after her 116th birthday.

Jeralean Talley died on Wednesday evening at her home in the Detroit suburb of Inkster, according to her daughter, Thelma Holloway. Talley turned 116 last month. She celebrated at her church and a local office of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

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What a blessed life she must have led! She has lived and experienced so many changes in our country and our people, it is almost beyond belief! I do hope there were those family and friends who listened to her and her counsel from all those years, because we often don’t recognize that even at her advanced age, she was “oh so much wiser than her years”! Books can never begin to teach us what she could have! We lost a lot of history, she witnessed it and “knew it”, I just hope we don’t keep trying to “re-invent it”! God Bless, Mrs. Talley!

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