What Happens To Your Data After You’re Dead?

Posted by admin on Jan 9, 2015

You have a Geneanet family tree and you have uploaded family pictures and archival records. What will happen to your data after you’re dead?

This is the question that many people ask.

Geneanet offers to write your will and to explain what should happen to your Geneanet family tree and data after you’re dead.

Who owns your data on Geneanet?

You own your Geneanet data.

Each Geneanet data is linked to a single account and every member can delete their data at any time (family tree, pictures, archival records, etc.)

Geneanet don’t keep your data and personal information after you have deleted your account.

Geneanet will never sell your data and will never share it with third parties.

And what happens to your data after you’re dead?

To write your will, go to the ‘Personal Options’ menu, then click the ‘Your Geneanet Account After You Die’ tab, or simply click here.


On this page, you can easily say if you want your data to be deleted or not, and explain why.

If Geneanet is notified about the death of a member and if the ‘Delete data’ option is set to ‘Yes’, their account and data will be immediately deleted.

If the ‘Delete data’ option is set to ‘No’, data will still be available to Geneanet visitors but newsletters will not be send anymore to the given email address. This is a good way to memorialise the genealogy research of a loved one.

This is an important topic. Take a few minutes to write your Geneanet will.

Your Geneanet Account After You Die

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