Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial Tombstones Available on GeneaNet

Posted by admin on Jan 22, 2014

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The Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial is a United States military cemetery in France. Originally a World War I cemetery, it now shelters the remains of U.S. dead of both world wars. The 7.5-acre (3.0 ha) cemetery contains the remains of 1,541 Americans who died in World War I and 24 Unknown dead of World War II. Bronze tablets on the walls of the chapel record the names of 974 World War I missing. Rosettes mark the names of those since recovered and identified.

Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial

Cemeteries are one of the most important resource for genealogists, and we must capture and index cemetery headstones before they are lost.

Join our project and take pictures of headstones around your place.

How to join?

– Take as many pictures of headstones as you can in a single cemetery, then save the pictures to you personal hard drive.

– Fill in the form with the name and place of the cemetery, the number of pictures, etc. You will receive a message which explain how to send your pictures to GeneaNet and we will put them online.

Note: Pictures are your property and they will be available for free to other GeneaNet members.

GeneaNet Project: A Cemetery for Posterity

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