Mark Twain’s Ancestor Was ‘Witchfinder General’ in Northern Ireland

Posted by admin on Nov 4, 2013

Witchcraft ‘detective’ Dr Andrew Sneddon has unearthed evidence that one of Mark Twain’s ancestors was the ‘witchfinder general’ in the infamous 18th century Islandmagee Witch Trial.

With echoes of horror actor Vincent Price’s malevolent and gory role in the cult classic movie Witchfinder General, Dr Sneddon discovered that Edward Clements was Ulster’s own main witch hunter during the 1711 Islandmagee trial. The History of the Islandmagee Witches & Ireland’s Only Witchcraft Mass Trial, Dr Sneddon digs deep beneath the accepted facts about the case of eight innocent old women found guilty of bewitching 18-year-old Mary Dunbar.

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