Online Genealogy: Your Family Tree, Your Family Pictures and Your Archival Records on GeneaNet

Posted by admin on Oct 4, 2013

There are many genealogy websites where you can upload and share your family tree, your family pictures and your archival records.

But the question is: what’s happening to your personal data and documents?

Here is how GeneaNet works.

BAXTER_Willy_-_HOWES_Nellie.jpgUploaded data and documents are free to view for anyone

Since 1996, data and documents shared by members and genealogy societies on GeneaNet are free to view for anyone.

And you can contact any other member for free.

Sharing is the essence of GeneaNet. This applies to genealogical data, family pictures, old postcards, pictures of tombstones, archival records, indexes, etc.

You can add unlimited individuals to your GeneaNet family tree for free.

Other members don’t have to pay for viewing your data and documents, and for contacting you.

Uploaded data and documents are your property

Uploaded genealogical data and personal documents are your property.

GeneaNet will never resale or use your personal data and documents for commercial purposes.

You can remove your data and documents

You can remove your family tree and your personal documents, and you can delete your GeneaNet account at any time.

Sharing data and personal documents on GeneaNet is a voluntary and free act.

In short, think about what you want to do with your genealogy data and your personal documents…

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