The Origin and Meanings of your Name

Posted by admin on Sep 12, 2013

Baxter: Anglo-Saxon; Bagster, a baker.

Crawford: Local; First assumed by the proprietor of the lands and barony of Crawford, in Lanarkshire, Scotland; The name has been derived by others from crodh and port, pronounced cro-fort, signifying a sheltering place for cattle.

Do you know the origin and meanings of your name and the origin of your ancestors name?

Did you tried to map your name and the name of your ancestors?

Click ‘Origin of Names’ in the ‘Search’ tab of the main menu.

Select a name in the ‘Top 40’ list or enter a name in the search box.

This will give you the meanings of the name and a map based on the GeneaNet database.

You can click the map and the timeline cursor for more information.

The ‘Statistics’ tab gives you the number of individuals who are indexed with this name in the GeneaNet database.

You can click the magnifying glass icon to be automatically redirected to the search results list in the GeneaNet database.

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