Good Practices For Online Genealogy Research

Posted by admin on May 28, 2015

GeneaNet is a collaborative genealogy website where members can publish and share their data. The more data you publish, the more interesting GeneaNet is. But genealogy research also means data privacy, reliability and active connection between genealogists. Here are some good practices for online genealogy research.

1. You are visiting a family tree on GeneaNet.

EN-good-practices-01.jpgReliability of data

Nobody’s perfect and everybody makes mistakes! There can be mistakes in the records and in the collaborative family trees.

GeneaNet will help you saving time in your genealogy research but don’t copy data from other trees into yours, use the info as ‘clues’ only.

Check your Geneanet family tree

Contact the family tree owner

You have found interesting data. You have found a mistake. You want to know more about an information. You have additional information about a family tree. You have found a possible family link. Contact the family tree owner!

Like in real life, respect and courtesy are important when dealing with people virtually.

You will learn more about your ancestors and your genealogy research will be more interesting.

EN-good-practices-02.jpg2. You have published your family tree on GeneaNet.


Don’t publish information about your close family on the Internet. GeneaNet offers tools to protect your data privacy.

Change your Geneanet data privacy options

Reliability: Cite your sources!

This is a basic rule! When citing your sources, you can prove the reliability of your family tree and you can easily remember which records you have already found for each individual in your family tree.

Reliability: Be credible!

Having a large family tree going back to Ramesses II is not appropriate as you can’t prove you’re related to this Egyptian pharaoh!

Best is to gather all the documents you can find and to build a comprehensive family tree.

Answer other members’ questions!

When publishing your family tree on GeneaNet, you will be visible to other genealogists and you will receive messages from them.

Take time to answer messages and to share with other genealogists!

Simple and logical!

GeneaNet is working hard to offer powerful tools to genealogists. But you make it interesting and comprehensive!

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