Latest New GeneaNet Features (2)

Posted by admin on Dec 18, 2012

Within the last weeks, GeneaNet has launched many new features:

1. Download And Print A Very Attractive Ancestry Chart For Free: On GeneaNet, you can now download (in PDF) and print a very attractive ancestry chart for free! There are 5 themes available and you can change the content: font, date format, on a single page/on multiple pages, etc. Offer a beautiful ancestry chart to your family and friends for the holiday season! Read more

2. Invite Family and Friends From Facebook and From Your Personal Address Book: You can now invite family and friends from Facebook and from your personal address book! Invite persons, give them Access Rights to your GeneaNet family tree and they will automatically receive a message in their Facebook inbox or via email. Email address and private information will not be shared with any third parties. Your contacts will only receive a message from GeneaNet. Read more

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