Genealogy Software Updates of the Week

Posted by admin on Nov 7, 2012

Ahnenblatt 2.72 (Full Featured – Windows – Freeware)

• Plausibility check: new option ‘check, if date entries are GEDCOM-compatible’.
• HTML website: new option ‘only first picture’.
• Some improvements in GEDCOM (e.g. new tag _UIDs).
• Corrections concerning absolute and relative file paths of file attachments.
• Minor corrections in trees.

Ancestral Quest 14.7 (Full Featured – Windows – Purchase)

• Notes Screen: The Notes screen would get locked into full screen mode for many users. A change was made so that the user can stretch the Notes screen larger or smaller, but can no longer maximize the screen. This will keep the screen from locking in maximized position.
• Database Check/Repair: Now fixes a rare problem with an internal ID called a ‘GUID’.
• Family Group Report: Depending on how some options were set, a bug caused the program to crash when the FGR was selected. Fixed.
• Dropline Descendant Chart: The option to make all the boxes in a generation be the same height was not working properly. Fixed.

Bee Docs’ Easy Timeline 1.5.1 (Timeline – Mac – Purchase)

• Importing event images from “Timeline 3D for iOS” files is more stable.

Brother’s Keeper 6.6.1 (Full Featured – Windows – Purchase)

• New Utility to search for Duplicates in the database and help merge them.
• New report Descendant (Marriage records) to show marriages information with spouses, parents of spouse, and children.
• New report Missing Sources to show all events that do not have a source attached.
• The Descendant Box Chart has a new option on the File menu to create an HTML file of the box chart with pictures.
• The Descendant report has an option on the File menu to send the report to an RTF file.

LiveHistory 1.0.2 (Mobile – Purchase)

• New “Quick Select” entries for adding children, parents, household members.
• Performance improvement: smoother scrolling.
• Bugfixes, internal updates.

MacFamilyTree 6.3.3 (Full Featured – Mac – Purchase)

• Stability improvements.
• Localization update.

MobileFamilyTree Pro 1.2.1 (Mobile – Purchase)

• Date parser bug corrected preventing from entering leap year dates.
• Events are now sorted correctly when exporting GEDCOM files.
• Localization updates.
• Other minor fixes.

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