GeneaNet – Create Family Albums

Posted by admin on Sep 14, 2012

GeneaNet makes it easy to create Family Albums.

Enter a title, a date and a place, quickly add your pictures, easily name the pictured persons, then display a slideshow of your Family Album.

Note that you can make your Family Albums private or public.

Create a New Family Album

Select the ‘Family Pictures’ item in the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen:

This will open a new page. Click the ‘Edit’ link:

This will open a new page. Click the ‘Create an Album’ link:

Enter a title, a date, a comment and a place for your Family Album (by selecting the ‘Private’ option, you will make your Family Album private but the pictures will still be available to every GeneaNet member):

Select the pictures to add to your Family Album from your computer:

Add the name of the persons who are pictured (if you have already named some persons on some pictures, their full name will appear and you will just have to select it):

Add a Picture to an Existing Family Album

Select a picture and click ‘Add to an Album’ to add it to an existing Family Album:

Then select the correct Family Album in the drop-down list:


To display a slideshow of any Family Album, just select it then click the ‘Slideshow’ link:

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